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Anonymous: Post a photo of your boyfriend

hahaha Why?.. he isnt big on having his picture on the internet… he is a Senior editor and its funny cause not even on the blogs he works for, plus Im pretty sure he reads my blog…( Hi Baby! :* )  blah when I get to see him on a couple of weeks, we’ll take bunch of pics together and I’ll ulpload those ;)

Anonymous: This guy and I have always talked about being friends with benefits hooking up and stuff and girl he is SO beautiful. Like just looking at him my god anyway, I don't want to anymore like I don't even wanna talk to him but then I think I'm lucky because such an attractive guy wants to talk to me but deep down I know I don't want that and I don't know how to stop talking to him without being a bitch or completely loosing him. I would feel kinda bittersweet and I'm scared I'll get attached

aww girl, Ive been there, when someone is just too good looking and you feel lucky because wow they like you and chose you instead of somebody else BUT looks don’t do nothing other than lust… looks are like that saturday night out that you just wanna have fun and get wasted .. but then there’s that sunday morning, you know? the feeling of being comfortable and relaxed with someone? no make up or nice clothes, nothing. If you are looking for just fun and FWB like you said, then theres no reason why you gotta spend more time with him thats was pleasurable needed, if you know what I mean..but if you want something bigger then don’t waste your time and be direct, tell him that you are looking for something more, a deeper connection, and he won’t be able to deliver that to you. xx

Anonymous: People will be reblogging your designs on tumblr one day =)

aww thank you! you made my week! hopefully someday soon.. <3 It will be a long road but its gonna be worth it one day.

Anonymous: So do you think I should just not give him the speedo at all?

Yeah that’s what I think, maybe its because Im a proud person so Im kinda biased but I d be too pissed off on the fact that he deleted my number to try to get in touch with him again

Anonymous: Do you paint/draw or sing or write?

Im a fashion designer/illustrator and Im also an editor for an online menswear blog..and I sing the top 40 if that means anything..

Anonymous: Favorite artist?

it  depends but Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya are constant.. altho currently Im listening to Theophilus London and Jamie XX nonstop because of my bf influences.

Anonymous: That other message was too long so a summery I'm a girl and was dating another girl my parents wouldn't agree so I asked my friend to be my fake boyfriend turns out I was with the girl just to experiment and I fell for my guy friend. I went to Italy a few months back and got him a speedo (he's a swimmer) we don't talk now at all and it kills me I really like him and he knows about the present I got him. I want to give it to him but I wanna make it cute since I really like him. Any tips? :)

Hey! Im so so sorry for taking ages to answer this but I was traveling and could only post through my phone … so well I read the other 4 parts and honestly after the whole idk man and the fact that he either deleted your  number or he never saved it in the first place .. to be honest I wouldnt even spend my time on this guy cause he doesnt seems interested at all.. and no amount of italians speedos you get him will change that ( and if that does, then trust me he isnt the kind of guy that you wanna have around).. I honestly think its better if you let it go .. Im sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear :(

Anonymous: Do you have any healthy recipes? Like to share?

oh sure! Id like to share and if you have some, then let me know. Well I drink my green smoothie every morning for breakfast, it has green apple, a pear, celery,cucumber,roman lettuce (I can’t find Kale here :’( boo ) spearmint, lemon. Theres this vegestable thing that I love which is I chop carrots, broccoli and white onions and cook them in the wok and then sprinkle parmessan cheese and mix ir and its delicious, honestly I could eat that everyday and not get tired of it. I dont like to spend too much time on the chicken so it its fast and yummy then its something I’ll do.I also like to make this broccoli, lemon and permessan soup and its pretty yummy. Ok , a confession here is I put parmessan to everything and anything haha. Theres this mango mint smoothie that is also to die for.. if you have some fast and easy ones, please let me know, and yeah, I do make some killer  egg white omelettes :)

Anonymous: cool blog you have here! Love your name!

:D thank you very much!

Anonymous: You should read the book, Blink by Malcom Gladwell to get some perspective. The gist of the book is that your gut feeling or first impression in many instances are right! I don't see why all these people are giving you shitty advise that you should not date this person just because he fell head over heels in love with you and his gut told him that you could be the person for him. Make sure you don't kiss so many frogs that you don't even know when you passed on a prince! Ignore whoring advise!

Thank you for the book recommendation! I’ll definitely get it and check it out, however I’ll tell a bit more about him cause I honestly don’t believe its love in such a short amount of time. He was married for 5 years cause he married young and his wife what the typical dependent, lacked of confidence and such and well I think that he saw the opposite in me but honestly that’s not love, maybe its admiration. He said he is leaving to Spain in September 1st so he told me several times on how I had until then to decide and go with him. I hate people pressuring me.
Please take in account I had 2 major surgeries over the past year, still recovering from both, I have my own plans as well, just got the coolest job ever (which yeah I can work from anywhere I want,whenever I want ), if things go right I’ll be interning this summer in NY and networking, starting to become more health aware and just focusing on me after so many months of hard recovery process and me being sad and basically unable to go out the house. Its not like I’ve been wasting time on kissing frogs, quite the contrary, so if I’m going to commit to someone the very least I need to feel is comfortable and with this guy regardless of his looks and his way of treating me, I didn’t felt comfortable, I felt pressured.

Still, thanks for the advice dear!

Anonymous: My god! Are you still seeing this guy?

God, no! haha I’m just pissed though cause I lent him my favorite book..which I just had to re order from Amazon cause there’s no way I’m seeing him ever again. Its funny, guys start liking me because I’m not clingy and I’m independent and have my own life.. but then end up hating me because of the same thing. WTF

Anonymous: He asked you to marry him on the first date?!?!?! Oh my goodness!! How old is this guy? Sweetie I would just cut him off, he seems so clingy

I know!! and he is 32 but trust me he looks like 25. But ugh I got so annoyed cause we saw each other practically everyday and I just need my space and  he still insisted so so much throughout the day to come see me and he smooth talks about him knowing what he wants and blah blah blah thing is I also know what I want, it just doesn’t involves 2 kids and a house and it wont for a long long time.

vezzulla: He asked you to marry him after one day? That's a little extreme... It's completely normal that you don't want to compromise so quickly!

I know right? Plus I havent had a serious relationship ever in my life so thats way way to fast. I have so many goals and plans I need to accomplish and this guy since he is way older he knows exactly what to say to sell himself and I’m way too nice and kind to straight out tell him to get lost but at first it was nice cause he is extremely good looking and smart but now it doesn’t feels nice anymore, I feel sick every time I think about him cause I hate being pressured. I was feeling bad cause I though I got too comfortable in being alone for more than 2 almost 3 years but truth is I love it.

Anonymous: I'm in love with someone although we never actually dated. It was more of an admiration type of thing. I admire the way he is, he has a heart of goal and I've been in love with him ever since I was a teenager. We're friends but I never felt like I was good enough for him. He looks like a Greek god and I'm pretty average. He got a new girlfriend that looks like a vs model and they always post pictures it breaks my heart and when I see them together I feel like my heart rips into pieces. Advice?

Unfortunately theres not much you can do about it now that he is in a relationship and seemeinly happy in it. Its harder than it sounds but distance yourself for a while and “do you”, try to meet new people and put yourself outthere a bit more. Maybe in the future, who knows but seing those pictures of him and his VS looking girlfriend is only hurting you.

Anonymous: I'm Colombian as well and I feel like what most women worry about is marrying a rich guy, looking fabulous having "the perfect marriage", starting their families and being the "perfect wife" I'm 23. I just got out of college and I don't see myself in that. I want to travel and learn new cultures, meet new people, support myself financially and yes have a family someday but not anytime soon. I want to focus on myself

I take it you are a woman as well right?  dude hit me up cause its so damn hard finding girls with the same mentality as you, here. I know right. I honestly cant stand these girls whos dream is marrying their first long time boyfriend and have a “perfect”family. Its all bullshit cause divorce rates are higher than ever and I dont wanna be a 40 year old complaining about having to give up on my dream because I needed to cook for my husband,  good wife and look pretty next to him.. fuck that. Lifes a balance and not all want the same things.