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bitch-b-gone: Can I have you for my cuddling and kissing needs pleaseee 👼

haha buy a blow up doll!

Anonymous: Hi! :) I feel like you are so unique and I read your post about living in Colombia and have a few questions for you (you should make the responses long you're a very good writer) 1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2. Do you plan to stay there or move somewhere if so where? 3. What do you want as your profession? 4. You seem quite bohemian and a free spirit from what you post how would you like to live your life and decorate your house/apartment? 5 what's your style ? 6. Type of guy?

Aw thank you, and thanks for taking the time to do so!<3 1. In 5 years I see myself with my own label, traveling looking for inspiration, and workining hard on what Im passionate. I dont really want to plan much ahead though because Ive learned the hard way that no matter how much you plan life can shock you. Maybe better things will happen. We’ll see, but for now Im focused on doing my best everyday and Im sure that will bring me a better future. 
2.I was planning on moving to Miami next month how ever since my college is an international network only in some locations, it isnt available in USA, so Id have to start from cero and I think I already spent too much time recovering from my surgeries to spend more learning what Ive already know so Im finishing my degree here where Im very lucky cause Ive got personalized classes (which it also has its downsides.. I have no classmates:( ) and afterwards I had planned to do my master inFlorence- Italy but recently I had a talk with my sister and she suggested i went to Parsons to do my master and stay close to them since I wont be moving now.. Im opened to both options I just think NY would be a bit too hectic for me and I rather have the beautiful historic Italy but we’ll see what happens, I still have a year and a half to see.
3.Many many things. ahha Im a fashion designer and Illustrator but Im so passionate in other fields.. I love patterns and textiles, I love the editorial side of the industry, love fashion journalism, love interior design and decoration. I want to do a bit of everything, at the end of the day I want to live a creative life.
4. Oh god.. Ive been thinking on this for quite a while now, actually my uncle is one of the best architects in town so Ive grown appreciating sculptures, paintings, space, proportions, perspective and he has an amazing classy taste.. How ever for my home I guess I want it all white, a big space with white walls and an amazing workspace next to a floor lenght window and all my art materials carefuly organized. i love patterns and intricate design so for sure Im goign to pick amaing tiles , maybe mexican or maroccan and well, it all depends where I end up living and the climate but I want my room to be very minimal and white, simple , no tv, a couple of paintings and thats it. I really like wood aswell, a light shade will be good for the chicken . I dont want marble tables or anything that luxiurious, I want simple and spacey.white mixed with bold colors and patterns, sort of like my dressing style now a days. I would definitely make my art space my favorite room. I plan on traveling a lot once Im economically stable so Id love to have a lot of particular souvenirs which told a story of where I got them. i want it to mean something and not just a “it was on sale at home depot” kinda explanation.
5.My style? it depends on how I feel like but I do love patterns and white. I lvoe simplicity, so my uniform consist on jean shorts or jeans and a white v neck, sandals and a camel color leather bag. I love flowy materials so I appreciate silks and shiffons, specially dresses, that would be for a more formal ocassion. I dont really like tight clothing anymore.. I sued to, when I was around 15 and wanted to show my body off and such, now a days I live on whats comfortable and practical. Its a mixed between bohemian, caribbean, classic and chic.
6.type of guy? ugh well here are some traits I do appreciate and find important: Passion towards something.. now Im not saying he has to like what I like cause thats a bit boring but its important they have a goal in life other than being rich and fuck bitches haha, I want to support him emotionally in his path and I seek support in mine as well. Kindness and a genuine personality are a must because the day that we break up for whatever reason I still want to have admiration towards you regardless of what happened between us. a funny personality who doesnt cares to be a little silly with me , I just dont care about those “Im too cool” atittudes, Im not going to lie; cool guys are attractive.. for about the first 30 minutes, then it gets boring. Confidence but not cockyness.Loyalty. Manners, this is a deal breaker. Someone who can keep a coversation going. Im not very mushy so I wont show my affection the conventional way nor will I call you silly nicknames but I think a mature relationship its about support and personal growing. Maybe Im too young to think this way but thats what I want and what I offer in return . XX

Anonymous: Have you heard anything back from the one whose dating the hockey player? That was an interesting story!

No, I havent unfortunately. I know, Im curious on how she is doing and if this guy forgave her and such. 

Anonymous: Your freaking gorgeous!!

AHHH! Thank you haha I love you!

Anonymous: why did you get double jaw surgery?

Ive been getting ready for this procedure since I was 15 ( yep.. braces for 5 years which aparently they’ll be taking off next month.. needless to say Im in freaking extasis!!!). I had my jaw and chin far back  and my gums showed a bit too much when I smiled so they cut bone there as well..After getting told by my doctor that my face was fucked up for SO long, you believe that no matter what anyone says, and start becoming super selfconcious.. Physically it wasnt THAT bad it was barely noticeable but funtionally it was still as annoying. My oclusion sucked, I think my jaw was getting a bit slanted and I got tired so fast because I stressed my face too much.

People, specially my family used to tell me that there wasnt any need to go trough it because I looked “pretty” already…even my mom was against the surgery so she tried to avoid it so much but I was determined to finish what I had started plus I had the aches, my upper lip was bigger than my lower one I HATED my smile and I just became used to trying to fix my lower jaw by bringing it forward whenever I could, so basically my face was super stressed. Now, Im only through my 2 month of recovery and Im still super swollen. I had a complication with my nose and my noastrils so Im worried the most about that but besides that everything has gone ok. Please keep in mind I went through a spine tumor removal a year ago. Both very different but both very major so I wasnt really scared about going through it.

Anonymous: This is kinda complex question but what do you think of Beyonces blonde hair or that she tries to make herself more white, or do you think she is doing that? or is it just world culture than now we are all part of the same mix and it is starting to matter less or what ?

I dont see the “complex” about it. If she wants to “make herself more white” then so be it, she is an individual after all. Here in Colombia were most are brunette, they bleach their hair because media has tought us that blonde  is more beautiful. It all depends on yourself as a persona and what YOU think looks better, and feel happier. I dont see why if you dont like something about yourself you shouldn’t change it. 

dearbabymosesinabasket: Despite your apparent lonerness and inability to maintain interest in any guys who are interested in you I still think you're probably one of most gorgeous people I have ever seen, be it either the internet or in real life. But I mean in addition to your personality too, otherwise I wouldn't be a follower. You seem to overthink everything and I know that feeling all too well. I wish you better luck in the future and hopefully you meet that one guy who just kinda knocks your socks off.

Wow.. thank you! That was crazy accurate.. I think I’m scared.. I think I’m scared I’m going to meet someone so awesome and fall in love and forget about all the goals Ive put myself since I was a kid, I didnt had a happy childhood so Ive always had myself to run to. But then I’m also scared I’m never going to experience love because of the same. Its weird because I feel like have so much love to give to someone but Im so scared of getting hurt that I dont even try. Thanks once again for looking deeper and I wish you the same! ps, you are extremely handsome as well Mister!

bitch-b-gone: your body is just marvellous, can i have it?

hahah you are being way too kind, sure, if you dont mind being a tall freak. Im trying to get my high school bod back though so wait for a couple of months lol!

Anonymous: Laura ,why do people like Angelina Jolie so much, what is she have that is making her unique?I mean not to insult her, ,i just wondered. You post her sometimes and your art and looks i think you are ahead of her. So. i just wanted to know whats your impression?

OH GOD. The fact that you just compared me to Angelina Jolie and even put my name in the same sentence as her just makes me wanna do a cartwheel and an backflip.. too bad I can’t:/ You are being way too kind!

Well I think she is such a stuning woman, her beauty is incredible plus she is so talented and courageous. I think she is way beyond celebrity stardom and the hollywood glam. 

hw-ax: You're honestly beautiful.

:O Excuse me while I go fangirl all around my house hahah wow I’m flattered! Thank you very much :D

youlostthemoon: Your blog is literally perfection! And you seen so chill. I'm originally from Barranquilla but currently live in Florida :)

You have no idea how giddy I get with this things! thank you so much! No freaking way! Im moving to Florida in around 3 or 4 months when Im healed! Ive always said Miami is like the backyard of Barranquilla haha xx

Anonymous: I have this friend we're not that close tho and I've always found him super attractive. We're both 17 and I really wanna have sex with him. How should I tell him? I don't wanna date. I'm not the whole girlfriend material I just wanna fuck him and later go out to eat something because who doesn't love food?

Hahaha I dont even know who you are but I like you already…, I REALLY think theres close to none chance the guy is going to say no. besides its not like you want 3 kids, a white fenced house and a fairytale ending with the guy so just try promping him and straight out ask him if he is up for a good night of causal sex and a mega cheesy pizza on you ! who can refuse that? 

Anonymous: If you do modelling will you be able to use it as a platform to promote your art? i mean designers and things will be noticing if you do art- could be good career move.

Actually creating contacts would be my number one priority. I dont think Id be a good model cause Im really awkward but I dont know whats supposed to be “my art” you know? I just like creating things. Modeling here its kinda of sketchy so I dont wanna waste time trying ro persue something I know its not my passion. xx

cigarrettesyoga: So you're 5'10 and crazy beautiful why aren't you a model? Sorry for being typical tho. hahahaha

Hahaha omg dont apologyze!!you just made my day..and my freaking Christmas haha..uhm Well I love Food and I dont care about my looks as much as I probably should however I promised myself I’d start this year cutting down the awful amount of candy I stuff my face with cause I’ve been getting offers and honestly I need the extra cash for my life goal(career). Thank you,you are too kind!! xx