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youlostthemoon: Ok you're seriously my all time favorite blog and you seem so chill! If you're ever in florida let me know :)

AHHH!!<3 of course girl! I was planning on going in these months but right now Im recovering and Im back to the gym just focusing in getting fit and happy.. but I’ll be there for sure in summer time so I’ll give you my digits to be in touch and hang out! much love 

Anonymous: I think you're still beautiful!

Aw thank you!! thats really nice of you to say!<3 yeah I guess its something I’ll have to get used to with time.

Anonymous: once you are healed can we see? and if you got surgery to fix your bite why did they have to operate on your nose?

Yeah off course.. in fact Ill post some progress pics in a while to show how its all healing up currently :). 
Well, the thing is they have to cut bone in my upper jaw, passing through the noce so it changes it and it even changes my cheekbones. The nose gets comepletely off and they stitch it together, the problem was that the stitches broke and it was off for around 2 months and a half. There’s actually a 25 secs vid on youtube eventhough I got a genioplasty as well.

Anonymous: What surgery did you get? Hope the recovery is well :)

Well I’ve been through 2. Spine tumor removal a year ago and a double jaw + genyoplasty 3 months ago. This last one lasted 8 hours and left me with titanium screws in my face. It was a corrective surgery cause my bite was messed up however it also changed the way I look a lot.. I had to get something fixed 2 weeks ago cause there was a complication in my nose but it’s the time as I’m still so swollen and if I’m honest I still kinda think I fucked up my face. My lips aren’t as full and my nose isn’t as long or thin anymore but then again now I don’t really care, a month ago I was kinda annoyed of people telling me how different I looked and why did I go through it and if I plan to get a nose job after wards which my parents suggested but even though I honestly think I looked better before, I’m starting to feel more comfortable under my skin. since its something you can’t just cover up with make up I have learnt to embrace it an suck it up and stop caring. I’ll have my braces removed next month thank god which I’m excited and it’s supposed to be better looking after 5 months to 1 year so i have to be patient but yeah bottom line at least it was a very interesting social experiment.

Anonymous: You say you flirt with your eyes, how so? I'm so awkward when it comes to people like if I see a hot guy I'll look at him but the moment he sees me I look away because I get embarrassed or feel I'm not pretty enough or worthy of his time. How can I flirt and be more confident and daring like you?

Oh man.. Well I think confidence > looks so trust me it’s way sexier when you have confidence no matter if you look like a train wreck that day just know your strengths and play them up to your favor for example I hate my smile cause of my braces but I do love my hair so minimize your weak assets and megafy your strong ones. And well, about the daring side honestly just fake it till you make it, that’s how I started gaining confidence in myself cause I used to be so so shy. It will take a while but you’ll end up believing it. It’s not about being cocky or conceited just realize that you are worthy of admiration and you have something special to offer.

Anonymous: You are so lucky you were born with prominent eyebrows!! Do you fill them in at all? And do you wax or plug them?

Haha thank you! I know, since my family don’t really have that quality .. I wax them. Since they are black I’m suppose to use brown shades to fill them in and to me it looks ugly but sometimes I do go ahead and use black eyeshadow to even them out cause one is a bit longer than the other . No fucks given

Anonymous: can you post a pic of your face after surgery? like a recent pic

I will soon, it’s still somewhat swollen but it’s finally starting to look ok. Plus I lent my nice camera to my best friend for her college semester so I have only shitty quality picture taking because my phone is shit. :(

Anonymous: My mom is Colombian and I'm planning to move in with my boyfriend this summer. I would be attending university and financially wise he is pretty excellent, the money department is no issue at all the problem is my mother. I love her but her mentally is so much more different. She thinks it will make me look like a disgrace to the family for an 18 year old to live with her boyfriend and not be married and "what would my family say?" I'm still young. Believe me marriage is NOT happening soon

Yes, I understand. Unfortunately since Colombians are very conservative, they cant imagine a reason why a couple can move in together, specially at such a young age besides getting married. I honestly believe the reason of this is beacuse sex is still such a taboo and a couple moving in together makes it obvious… but its stupid because its not like you guys arent having sex before the move, you know? 
All that about “What will my family say” is a card parents use SO much but girl go ahead.. I would do the same if I were you, its a wise desition , thing is Colombian parents are so hard to let go of their kids, thats why there are so many 30 year old still living with their parents ugh.

Anonymous: If you specifically asked your bf who hes slept with in the past and he said one of them was an escort what would you do?

First, I wouldnt ask with whom but how many..Im jealous so that would be masochism. But knowing it was an escort would make me dissappointed, not really angry cause I value and appreciate standards but I guess I’d have to suck it up afterwards because whats the point in crying over spilled milk, you know what I mean?..Im still going to have it in the back of my mind for a while tho

ialreadyknowyoubyheart: “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” It seemed nice 2 send U this after reading those 2 last asks. Just wanted to tell you don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting the things you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, just because you’re from a “privileged” family it doesn’t mean that you can’t long for being what you believe in. Some people just don’t understand that money is not everythinginlife. x

THIS!  Preach girl! exactly my point.. Thank you soo much for sending that quote, I loved it. and not even that, My life was more of a roller coaster so I guess people dont realize about things like that.. there was a point it got so so bad ages ago my dad even lost our old big home.. that was a rough experience which “popped my bubble”. This is why I say I know the both sides of the coin, Ive had really highs and really lows. Which is why I dont stand by the idea of living under appearances and well, Im not from a politician family so Im not as Influential as this anon makes it seem. Im just like everyone else.. trying to do my best with what I can meanwhile staying true to myself. Thanks again xx 

Im not such an experienced reader like you, after al you are the boss of books, Im an experience music listener though so “Dont be fooled by the rocks that I got, Im still Jenny from the block” hahaha too much serious topics xx

Anonymous: a ti lo que te falta es abrir los ojos y conocer la colombia de verdad, no la de mentiras y vidas perfectas que te han pintado toda tu vida

ya te respondi todo lo que tenia que decir en el anterior.. sabes.. esto mis amigas lo describirian como algo que un “resentido social” dice. Pero tienes razon.. y ESE ES MI PUNTO!, es exactamente lo que trato de hacer  con mi vida, pues ese mundo de “mentiras y vidas perfectas” estoy MUY conciente de que no existe.

Anonymous: dios mío, laura te quejas de unas bobadas! lo has tenido todo en la vida, todos los lujos posibles, vienes de una de las familias colombianas más influyentes, estás estudiando lo que quieres, y vienes a pintar un cuento chimbo de lo que es vivir en colombia?? es en serio? el 5% de los colombianos (exagerando) tiene los privilegios que tú tienes, la mayoría no tiene la posibilidad de ir al colegio, mucho menos a una universidad, viven para sobrevivir, sufren por el conflicto, sal de esa burbuja!

Ok. Primero que todo en NINGUNA parte me queje.. si te das cuenta yo solo escribi de como son las cosas, es MI blog, MI espacio donde de alguna manera u otra expreso MI vida y MI punto de vista.Yo se que naci con muchos privilegios en la vida y doy gracias por eso porque conozco las 2 caras de la moneda. Si, ese es el problema, estudio lo que quiero. A MIS COSTOS. Porque? porque mi familia no me apoya con mi carrera porque “no es una carrera que de frutos”..La unica que me apoya de alguna forma es mi hermana. Tengo a varias amigas que por estudiar carreras que sean economicamente prometedoras se han vuelto miserables estudiando y tratando de hacer felices a sus familias. Ese es el problema.. la gente clasista de Colombia, tanto los afortunados como los no tan afortunados. Si te das cuenta Colombia es un pais muy rico en recursos que por lo mismo la mala distribuccion y eso de un solo millonario y milles pobres es la razon. Sabes cual es el problema? es socio cultural, mas que de plata.. porque la plata la hay! el problema es que la gente de mi edad por tratar de encajar con lo que se les ha enseniado viven en una vida superflua.. adivina que?  esta es la gente que lo quieras O NO va a gobernar el pais en alguns anios.. y es verdad, la gente mas talentosa de este pais desafortunadamente no tiene los medios para explotar su talento pues tienen muchas mas cosas que preocuparse.. viven por el dia a dia. Facil, yo podria si quisiera centrar mi atencion en ir salir con mis amigas, ir al salon todos los dias, hacerme .. que se yo, las tetas (que es muy comun aqui y varias conocidas se lo han hecho) o hago esto.. despierto un poco y trato de “salir de esa burbuja” donde fui criada. Aqui la gente que esta mejor economicamente tiene la habilidad y capacidad para hacer un cambio y no se aprovecha.. SI, tuve la fortuna de recibir una buena educacion,  pero de que sirve una buena educacion si no la pongo en practica? Yo no busco irme del pais y ganar mas plata para vivir.. conozco de muchos que hacen eso porque es lo mas mas estoy casi segura que no me escribes desde Colombia o si? Lo que yo busco ahora mismo es poder independizarme para hacer exacatmente eso.. conocer la “verdadera Colombia” como tu dices .. aunque entonces yo no se donde he estado viviendo ultimamente.. pues esta ES la verdadera Colombia, solo que es otra cara de la moneda. Me hubiese podido haber hablado esto en una conversacion mas que en un post pero bueno.. 

Anonymous: I feel like a lot of Colombian people are materialistic and only care about status and wealth. You however don't seen that way

Thank you I appreciate this!, dont get me wrong, I care about money, after all, copic markers are expensive and I want a succesful label but I definitely dont think it should be a priority. Here rich people only want more money.

youlostthemoon: I agree with the person below I don't know Erik, never met him but it just seems a little ridiculous for an NHL player to go for a 17 year old high school girl that girl needs to stop spreading lies.

Well, this is the first time ever I hear about the guy…it is kinda hard to believe but Im not one to judge, I just dont understand why would someone feels the need to lie about something like that.. on me. Doesn’t makes sense really.

Anonymous: You remind me of Vanessa Hudgens

Haha thank you, first time I ever get this but I love her, so its really flattering xx