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Anonymous: You remind me of a young Sofia Coppola

Wow thank you, although I honestly don’t think so.. ill upload soon some recent pics of me that my boyfriend took this last week in Cartagena haha :)

Anonymous: I have a friend that somehow knew his facebook link but he doesn't have like a bunch of friends on facebook he has a lot but about 600 something which is about the same I have, I wanna message something to him but idk if I should wait a little longer like maybe wait about a month? Is that too long? /:

ehhh I would say wait about a week, a month I think its way too long xx

Anonymous: Ok so I added this guy on facebook. He comes from a pretty important family in America history (his grandfathers brother was president and his grandfather ran for presidency) Anywho he doesn't know me so I didn't think he'd accept my friend request but he did! And girl he's so cute! I wanted to like start a conversation with him cause you never know right? But I wouldn't know what to say and if he asks how I know him I don't wanna seem weird

wow thats royalty status right there hahaha. well, where did you got his Facebook from? a friend in common or just randomly? how many friends does he has? does he looks like he adds every person who request it or not? If not then just say hi and keep the conversation flowing.. he most likely thinks you are pretty as well so wink wink ;) 

Anonymous: If you could go back and tell your 18 year old self something. What would you say?

I would tell myself that Im not going to be unhappy forever and that everything is temporary <3.. oh and be strong for whats to come.xx

Anonymous: Do you believe in the possibility of a strong friendship with a guy if I feel good with him ?

where’s the catch? of course, just see where everything goes.

suciolife: I'm loving the elegance xoxo

Thank you! flattered :)

Anonymous: I'm 18 but I'm head over heels for this 34 year old guy that's a family friend. We've flirted all time time at events that my family goes to and he's always very touchy with me and flirty etc. Everyone noticed it. so I added him on fb and he accepted, I liked on his pics but nothing. He hasn't liked any of mine back to messaged me. So any advice?

oh, trust me on this one.. get FAR away for that guy. I know its exciting and his is older and such but by the looks of it he is just having fun while he can but doesn’t shows true interest.Honestly the family friend thing I don’t see it as an issue but his age, ugh the guy i was seeing before my bf was 34  (didn’t look like it,I swear) and while he was super good looking and smart, the guy was in a different stage than me, he basically wanted to get married and kids, maybe Im biased with the bad experience but what if he just wants to have fun?, afterwards if would be pretty awkward attending to those family meetings. xx

suciolife: Your selfies are grade A+

haha thank you! :)

Anonymous: Favorite store?

to buy..clothes? I don know..Im honestly not a big spender but I do like top shop, shopbop, gilt, Net a Porter, Nastygal, and thats pretty much whats in my mind right now.

Anonymous: Como te sientes con la perdía de Colombia

uff… pues muy orgullosa de mi Pais, la dieron toda, y aunque estoy seguro que tienen con que llegar mas lejos, y también que el arbitro fue un desastre ( supieron lo de la llamada del jefe de la fifa? y el rollo d que si fue vendido) sigo apoyando a mi selección de la misma forma como lo hacia antes.. me da un poquito de rabia que mucha gente aquí se empezó a sentir orgullosamente Colombiano cuando empezaron a ganar, ya que pensaban que sin Falcao no ibamos ni a pasar la primera fase, pero al fin y al cabo el mundial y nuestra hermosa selección con su buen fútbol, unió a todo un país entero.. Ojala que Pekerman se pueda quedar..

Anonymous: Why do you post nudity and erotic pictures ?

are you  being for real?

Anonymous: Would you ever get any tattoos?

Yeah… I would, but I need to consider it as a piece of art rather than just stating something on my body. I’ve been talking about getting one with my bf.. we’ll see.

Anonymous: I recently signed up to join a gym! Finally! this is so embarrassing but I haven't worked out.. Like at all. I can't remember the last time I did :( now that I went to the gym and saw all these girls with amazing bodies I feel so self conscious. I want to look and feel great and I know I need the workout but I'm so nervous of being in a gym with all these people with amazing bodies

Ugh, its funny that you asked me this cause I went through something similar like 2 months ago when i joined the gym after like 2 or 3 years. All these girls with abs and small tights and I couldn’t even do a proper workout cause of my spine surgery. But you know what.. thats the reason why you are finally attending, because you wanna change that, it will take time but try to look at those girls like a source of inspirations. There s a reason why they have those bodies, they are attending at the same gym you are. It will take a while but when you finally start losing weight and getting in shape.. omg the results you will see will make you keep going. Im going to start the gym again.. best advice, put on your iPod to the higher level and just forgery about everyone around you. xx Best of luck!

ialreadyknowyoubyheart: Aww just read about your boyfriend. All the happiness of the world for you two :)

aww thank you very much..<3 he really in an amazing person, haha he was everything that I wanted and its funny cause he is a bit shorter than me, ethnically from the Philippines and I never ever thought Id get even attracted let alone fall in love but gosh, he makes it hard not to be enchanted by him.

Anonymous: Hi ! I met a girl a couple of weeks ago in a friend's party. Now we are just friends and she is amazing I really love to speak and laugh with her but she already has a boyfriend. I would love to tell her what I feel but I'm afraid to break our friendship. What should I do ? You have also a boyfriend and how will you react in that situation ?

well, she already has a boyfriend and if she looks happy, then honestly i don’t think things will change after you ones your feelings for her,  she might end just avoiding you after that. , If it would happen to me, well I wouldn’t wanna hurt your feelings or anything but Im an extremely loyal person so I would just cut contact with you. But that also depend in the kind of relationship she has with her boyfriend, its its a serious thing of just one of these era “relationships”.ask,