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Anonymous: Because I'm a girl and I don't know if our friendship will last or be more. He is absolutely the best confident ever

well… from personal experience all my  close guy friends ultimately had a thing for me except one or two… but I know a lot of girlfriends who are rally really close with guys and nothing else happens, they are best friends and thats it, whether they are single or not, the friendship still remains so i’d advice to just go with the flow and see what happens,after all, friendships aren’t forced. 

Anonymous: Do you believe in the possibility of a strong friendship with a guy if I feel good with him ?

where’s the catch? of course, just see where everything goes.

Anonymous: Did you went to see your boyfriend?

he is actually coming to see me in 15 days.. yeas Im completely freaking out haha, he rented this awesome house in Cartagena inside the walled city and its set to be awesome :)- meanwhile Im having a lot of issues with my family right now. so it has been super thought.